Vincent Baumann

Vincent Baumann Berlin based Artist. Hope is a composition of bright colors and hard edge forms, that create a sense of movement and balance. Chaos is a composition of multiple layers of forms and colors, almost like a storm with a strong focus on a central dark spot. Think outside feels like a representation of …

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Rose Magee

Rose Magee British Berlin-based artist. Colours of grief (2), 2020, oils on canvas, 90 x 70 cm Blue iris, 70 x 100cm, oil, acrylic, gold leaf on canvas 2020 Mischa’s Plant, 70 x 100 cm, oil, acrylic, gold leaf on canvas 2020 “Not everyone is an artist but everyone is a fucking critic.” Marcel Duchamp

Marina Serrano

Marina Serrano Marina Serrano is a multidisciplinary artist from Cádiz based in Cantabria. The encounter: photography belonging to the poetic photographic project El Antídoto. Created during the quarantine in Spain. It alludes to the dreamlike and surreal world of the artist in his isolation. The antidote will be the artist’s own art to escape from …

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Mojo WS

Mojo WS aka rockingmojo Latin American “Jack of all trades, master of none” designer and illustrator (and more). American Mojhic – Grant Mojod Mojoretrato con oreja vendada – Vincent Van Mojh El Grito – Edvard Mojnch “Not everyone is an artist but everyone is a fucking critic.” Marcel Duchamp

Marcos Barrera

Marcos Barrera aka Seudobla.bla Visual artist, born in 1988 in Salto, province of Buenos Aires. In 2016, after winning the call for artists, his first major individual exhibit took place in the city of Buenos Aires, in the French Alliance Gallery. That same year, he would be part of his first collective exhibition in Europe …

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Pololo aka pololocollage Collage Artist born in Santiago, Chile. El colapso – Collapse Sociedad actuál – Modern society Chile despertó – Chile woke up “Not everyone is an artist but everyone is a fucking critic.” Marcel Duchamp

Tasneem A Bharmal

Tasneem A Bharmal aka butt3rfly87 Tasneem is a Visual Merchandiser turned Artist. Myth and mystery have surrounded our understanding of the Moon. It is said that a full moon causes madness. It brings out the absolute essence of one’s inner feelings, bringing out the best of you. As an artist, it has been Tasneem’s favourite …

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Jahow See

Jahow See aka parodyparlour Fun, Hip, and a Little Silly. Why So Hungry? – Designed in 2016 Sometimes you just need a good joke, and sometimes you just need a good burger. Other times, though, you may find yourself somewhere in between these two needs, wondering – why not both? What a McJoker. Wet Scream …

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Antonia Wetzel

Antonia Wetzel aka idrawpeoplenaked Antonia Wetzel is a German artist based in Cape Town. Everybody joins the party in the shower and get busy in that shower. Ink on paper, 2016. A hug in the shower. Ink on paper, 2016. “Not everyone is an artist but everyone is a fucking critic.” Marcel Duchamp

Andres Bonino

Andres Bonino aka Aboninouy Uruguayan architect and visual artist. Develops his work within minimalism and color field, a New York movement of the mid-twentieth century. Sketching. Someone sketches the altar under a ray of light in the Chapel of the La Tourette Convent, France. Design by Architect Le corbusier, 1956. House#01. Acrylic paint on canvas, …

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