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Supporting artists made easy. Buying art made easy.

Empowering art buying.

We make it easy to support living artists, offering limited edition prints by amazing artists in a clear and direct way.

Three sizes. Three prices. Dozens of artists.

We take the hassle out of buying art, making it easier for you to start your art collection.

20×30 cm – 30 EUR
30×40 cm – 35 EUR
50×70 cm – 40 EUR

Limited Editions

Each artwork is limited to only 30 copies, once they are sold, the artwork is no longer available for sale. Making each print special.

All Profits to artists

The profits from the sales of the artworks go straight to the artists, we believe that this is the first step toward building an equitable Art Market.

Worldwide Talent

Our network of artists from across the globe, allows us to offer a unique and inclusive selection of works from various backgrounds.

Museum quality prints

We work with experienced partners to deliver high-quality prints on acid-free archival paper, ensuring the utmost quality in every print.

Start your collection in 3 easy steps.

Choose an artist

We work with artists from around the world with many different backgrounds, aiming to create an inclusive and egalitarian Art Market.

Choose your artwork

Our collection covers a wide array of artworks, all printed in acid-free paper, in a limited edition of 30, and with clear pricing, making it easy to choose your artwork.

Worldwide shipping

Once you choose your artwork, we make sure that you get it at home, all you need to do is frame it, hang it, and start your collection.

Limited editions. Endless possibilities.

New Arrivals

Empowering Artists.

We believe in creating tools to empower artists’ careers, obtaining greater visibility and doing what they love.

Led by @stephan.vankuyk, Berlin-based art consultant, Artists Stop Being Poor was created as a way of sharing his unique insights into the art world, all aimed at driving artists to a thriving practice.

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