Community 🏘️

An opportunity for artists to connect and. Our community events are great at fostering relationships with fellow creatives both in person and online.

IRL meetups

We believe that a solid network is one of the most important tools any artist can have in their toolbox, we help them by creating events designed to help artists grow their networks and foster meaningful relationships with other creators.

Most of our IRL events take place in Berlin, but if you wish to start hosting similar events in your home town get in touch with us.

Online meetups

Our goal is to create a truly global community of artists, connecting with creatives from across the globe can only empower our club. That’s why we regularly host online events, as a way to network with individuals from all over the world.

Upcoming Events

You can keep track of our regular events via the calendar on our Community Hub as well as get a reminder for these events.

Community hub

We created an online platform to keep our artists connected, there you are able to share your art, find opportunities and connect with other creators from across the world.

Stay in the loop

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