Education 🎓

Many skills required to succeed as a professional artist are not taught in art school. Our educational content aims to create a whole new generation of self-succeeding artists.

At ARTIST STOP BEING POOR we are constantly developing new educational content for our artists to continue to grow and expand their careers.


A 7-week long program, focusing on helping you develop a better art practice. You’ll join a group of artists from across the world learning and growing together.

The Bootcamp consists of weekly meetings, video lessons, and exercises designed to help you build up the business side of your art practice.

Book – How to sell art online

The internet has come as a generation-defining tool for artists. Being able to showcase their works, connect with art lovers from across the world and sell their works without relying on the will of curators or galleries.

In this book, we cover the steps artists should take to build an online presence, build a following and capitalize on their audience by selling art online.

Educational videos

We are constantly producing video content and interviews to help educate our artists on how to continuously grow their careers and build their art businesses.

Educational blog posts

A lot of artists excel at the creating art part of their careers but taking the next steps towards promoting and selling their work could be a little bit more troublesome. To help artists better navigate these uncertainties, we regularly create resources tailor-made to help artists thrive and grow their careers.

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