She likes to use bold colors in her artworks.

Mega as known as wanitapagihari is an enthusiastic illustrator, who found again her passion to illustrate through her former occupation as an interior designer. Her style is known as playful, colorful, and imaginative. She likes to use bold colors in her artworks. With her tablet, she has created not only paper-size artworks in digital but also a couple of customized wallpapers and murals. Food, flora, fauna, and free shapes are objects, that she likes to draw.

I am in love with the wild flora and fauna. The image on the drawing is rhinoceros hornbill. Showed up out of the leaves while feeding itself. They can be found in the rainforest in Malaysia, as well as in Java, Sumatara and Borneo.

I got inspired by the flora and fauna in the rainforest in Indonesia. Orangutans are one of the animals that will become extinct and at the moment they can only be found on Sumatra and Borneo Island. I made this artwork digitally on my tablet with ProCreate.

Flying dancing mushrooms in space

“Not everyone is an artist but everyone is a fucking critic.”

Marcel Duchamp