Jahow See

aka parodyparlour

Fun, Hip, and a Little Silly.

Parody Parlour is less “I think the art represents blah blah” and more “HOLY @#$%! You gotta see this!” Their arts are themed with everyone’s favourite superheroes, public figures, classical arts. You know… all things famous that being something other than super. Parody Parlour made all of them more adorable than they should be.

Would You Like A Wall With That? – Designed in 2018 There are times that you know that something is bad for you, but it tastes so good you’re lovin’ it. Then there are times you know it’s a mistake from the start. No refunds. Swallow that shame burger.

Why So Hungry? – Designed in 2016 Sometimes you just need a good joke, and sometimes you just need a good burger. Other times, though, you may find yourself somewhere in between these two needs, wondering – why not both? What a McJoker.

Wet Scream – Designed in 2017 The first time getting naked in front of someone can be a bit embarrassing, but if they scream like that…boy, you’re on the right path… Or not.

Family Ties-In – Designed in 2018 You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your family.

“Not everyone is an artist but everyone is a fucking critic.”

Marcel Duchamp