Eloise Robbertze

Eloise was born in South Africa and has lived in Malta and Mauritius.

Eloise loves the island lifestyle! She is inspired by natural landscapes. Through her art, she encourages people to look at their natural surroundings intimately – from above, from below, sometimes from inside.

While our landscape seems constant, it is in fact always changing, often due to our direct influence on nature. She loves bright, bold colors in telling her stories and strives to showcase the colors and hues found in nature to share how beautiful our earth is.

A Cancerian, she is drawn to the ocean. It’s the place of birth and death and life in-between. Her images highlight the magnificent hues and tones of the sea. She is at her most creative when walking along the shore, watching the movement of the waves, the changing shapes of the sand and how the natural light creates a synergy between the two.

While living in Malta her images evolved to become more expressionist in their detail, and since moving to Mauritius she has developed her own style with aerial and abstract photography. She has found her voice in seascapes.

As an expressionist artistic photographer, her niche is High-Dynamic Range imaging and color-reversed negative photography. This is important to her: even in the shadows, when they are exposed, everything is there to be seen, if you just look.

Boat on the Water – “A traditional fishing boat in Mauritius called a pirogue. Each boat is unique and often painted in colors representing the family who owns it.”

Ethereal Sunset – “A sunset on the south coast of Mauritius. I love how the light is dancing on the water.”

Natures Symphony – “A symphony of pink and blue and purple as the sun sets over the ocean in Western Australia.”

Draumariki – Draumariki / Icelandic word meaning “dreamstate”ocean as the sun rises.”

This image was taken in Mauritius during the winter of 2021. This traditional fishing boat of Mauritius, known locally as a pirogue, is named “Hopes and Heaven”. It’s fortuitous that it was at rest at this exact moment. The reflections of the clouds on the water creates an almost fantastical ambience, like an hallucination, hence the title.

Meghadva – Meghadva / Sanskrit word meaning “sky bearing clouds”.

This image was taken in Mauritius during the autumn of 2022. It is early sunset on a temperate evening and this creates the grey, pink and coral hues in the sky. The ocean absorbes these colours, further creating a pastel hue on the water, until it gets darker and darker but for the moment the sky and the ocean are in alliance in displaying the glorious scattering effect.

Volcanic rocks, a feature of the island, are clearly visible in the foreground.

Nubivagant – Nubivagant / English word meaning “wandering in the clouds”bearing clouds”.

This image was taken in Mullaloo in Western Australia during the spring of 2018. Come, walk with me along the shore and feel the salty breeze upon your skin. Do you see how beautiful our ocean is? See the pastel sky and dream about wandering between the colours.

Kanikani Kapua – Kanikani Kapua / Maori word meaning “cloud dancing”.

This image was taken in Scottburgh on the east coast of South Africa in the summer of 2018. The lovely, rich coppery-red colour of the beach sand is enhanced by the coral, gold, green and grey colours in the clouds. The green hue is also reflecting gently on the ocean especially where the waves are breaking.

The three sets of footprints create a little mystery as they slowly get washed away, row by row, by the ebb and flow of the waves.

“Not everyone is an artist but everyone is a fucking critic.”

Marcel Duchamp