Blair Teagarden

Artist based in Forest Grove, Oregon.

Blair Teagarden is a seer.

His life’s purpose has always been spiritual exploration, with his art is an expression of his discoveries. To him, art contains the possibility of serving as a reminder of the ultimate spiritual experience of being fully and continuously conscious.

Eternal Flame is a “Yantra”. A yantra is a drawing the Taoists called upon to purify the energies in a home or other space. The particular influence of Eternal Flame is to untangle and release any stuck energy energies of the space it’s placed in. This artwork is an asymmetrical collection of energies and concepts flowing in proximity to each other without conflict. In addition, Eternal Flame depicts the Original Mind which creates a constant flow of highly intelligent concepts which have no energy or mass, so can be created freely and evaporate to leave space for fresh new concepts which are richly experienced and then be replaced again with new concepts endlessly and swiftly. The original artwork is a colored pencil drawing that took the artist a long rainy winter on the Oregon Coast to complete.

“Not everyone is an artist but everyone is a fucking critic.”

Marcel Duchamp