Magdalena Borkowska

Artist based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Magdalena Borkowska was born and raised in Warsaw, Poland; currently living in Stockholm, Sweden.

The whole adventure with art began one beautiful, gray and cloudy autumn day when she was a teenager. As she was walking down the streets in Warsaw, one painting hanging in the art gallery window caught her attention. The painting affected her real strongly, and she understood that art would be her life long-lasting love and passion.

In abstract art, she found her home and the right way to express her imaginary spheres. This home is full of life, bright colors and openness to explore the unknown. Her curiosity and hunger for new experiences drives her to discover and experiment with different media, styles, tools and techniques, but oil will always be her primary choice.

Even though abstracts are her world, it does not prevent her from exploring and painting portraits and animals. In this case she also uses her unique style of expression where this unrealistic sphere is always alive in the back of her mind.

She also studied photography, digital art, aesthetic communication and graphic illustration to expand her knowledge and to find new trails to hike.

JAZZ OF ENIGMA, oil painting 130x190cm, 2019

WITHOUT ME, oil painting 90x120cm, 2021.

SILENT DESERT, oil painting 100x130cm, 2019.

STAY WILD MOON CHILD, oil painting 100x140cm, 2019.

“Not everyone is an artist but everyone is a fucking critic.”

Marcel Duchamp