Month: August 2022

Anne Pflug

Anne Pflug A fine artist from Hamburg, Germany. “Not everyone is an artist but everyone is a fucking critic.” Marcel Duchamp


wanitapagihari She likes to use bold colors in her artworks. I got inspired by the flora and fauna in the rainforest in Indonesia. Orangutans are one of the animals that will become extinct and at the moment they can only be found on Sumatra and Borneo Island. I made this artwork digitally on my tablet …

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Violeta Capovska

Violeta Capovska Violeta Čapovska is an interdisciplinary artist who works in installation. The artwork ‘Ana Pavlova 3’ is an original print, in the technique of linoprint, created and carved by hand in my studio in Melbourne in 2011. This work was inspired by the enormous beauty of the flower Dahlia. I have printed only a …

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