June 2022

Elena Sokolova

Elena Sokolova The artist uses digital platforms for experiments, creations and study the digital world. After learning how to employ and photoshop. Happy with sea and sand Dog at the sea Before start Forest road “Not everyone is an artist but everyone is a fucking critic.” Marcel Duchamp

Leah O’Connor

Leah O’Connor aka lea_uh Leah O’Connor is an artist living in Los Angeles, California. Through her travels, she captures the beauty of quiet, urban spaces and vivid, often naturally lit, subjects. This shot was taken during a still moment at dawn in the hills just outside Los Angeles. By mixing digital manipulation with black and …

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Juliana Chaparro

Juliana Chaparro aka jubs.artist Based in Brazil, Juliana always loved all kinds of art. She has been drawing for over fifteen years and professionally for five. Art is what that she love to do, she’s breath art and want to live making art. In many cultures living waters symbolize emotions and hers have always been …

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Jacqueline aka jackietheartist31 Jacqueline is an artist and illustrator who works in a variety of mediums and genres. An artist of many years, who is art school trained and who paints in acrylics, pastels, charcoal, pencils and a variety of different media and genres. Mainly features people in environments, portraits (both people and animals), still …

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Guillermo Espinosa

Guillermo Espinosa aka fdupie Guillermo Espinosa is a Spanish photographer based in Berlin. His headwork is mostly Street photography and Architecture photography, but he also likes to experiment with portraits and other styles. He uses digital and analog 35mm and medium format photography as way to show us his abstract, geometric and chromatic point of …

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Clare Anne Littleton

Clare Anne Littleton Clare Littleton is a fine artist and anthropologist. Clare Littleton is a fine artist and anthropologist. Through a medium of oils on canvas or copper using Flemish methods Clare creates art themes inspired by her own life experience and boundless travel. Her new series Cradle of Humanity reflects on her childhood growing …

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Checa Mexico based artist. Checa was born in Mexico, where he currently lives, he studied Design and at the same time art with the master Fors, in 2015 he became public, he participated in several individuals and group exhibitions, the furthest from his place of origin is Dubai. Checa focuses on sharing his art online. …

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Mariela Garcia

Mariela Garcia Artist based in Fresno, Texas Mariela is a growing artist who works in the mediums of traditional drawing with graphite pencil, landscape photography, and most recently digital art. A passion for art and creativity motivates her to explore and continuously gain knowledge on different art forms and mediums, and learn about art history. …

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