#19 – Eloise Robbertze – Roches Noires



Eloise Robbertze

Pereybere, Mauritius Instagram

This is an aerial photograph of the ocean over a place called Roches Noires which translates to Black Rocks. The image was taken while Eloise was flying in a seaplane. The ocean looked so magnificent – untouched! Except there is a figure standing on the beach and some swimmers near the rocks, and they all looked so out of place on the expanse of beach and ocean.

Eloise is an expressionist artistic photographer, born in South Africa and currently living in Mauritius. She also lived in Malta for several years. She loves island life and being surrounded by the ocean. She creates limited-edition giclée prints from her original photographs. Her influences come from the post-impressionist and fauvist art movements, and she specializes in high-dynamic range techniques to create similar images.

Most of her art pieces are square, and she strives to create a dynamic flow of movement within the square composition. She loves to create landscapes and draws inspiration from the ocean, particularly the movement of the waves, the water, the sand, and how it is ever-changing. A highlight of her time in Malta was being commissioned by Marquis Nicholas de Piro to digitally document unique historical evidence of the customs and traditions of the Maltese nobility over the last 400 years. She has two photographic books published: “A Sense of Malta” (an introduction to the history and customs of the island) and “Malta – The Gem of the Mediterranean” (a tribute to the artistic side of Malta).

She is the recent winner of “Best Contemporary Fine Art Photographer 2019” in the Middle East and Africa Markets Business Awards. She recently participated in “Art MoZil”, a lockdown-inspired exhibition of 12 local artists in Mauritius.