#31 – María Azorín – A la deriva



María Azorín

Valencia, Spain – Instagram

A la deriva

“Hi, my name is María. Photographed based in Valencia (Spain). My true love story with photography started around 10 years ago, in summer 2008, or at least at that moment I was aware that Cupid had thrown an arrow on me from which I was not going to be able to escape and, without intending it, it was the beginning of everything that for me, it means this artistic discipline. With that came training, attendance at workshops and photographic meetings. Starting in the summer of 2013, my exhibition activities began: both individual and collective. I have also participated in some markets and art fairs. I also had my art photographies in Madrid. Actually, I have some works in three galleries in the Valencian Community. If you ask me what moves me or what inspires me, I’ll tell you that what I like the most about this medium is being able to imagine something and then capture it. Create. Or simply, get closer to what surrounds us and give greater prominence to the everyday, to what is there. I think that, normally in everything, but in this case in photography, let’s say everyone has a “gift” and feels better and more accomplished working in certain areas. In my case, I feel very good with artistic and product photography, other times in architecture and design, nature is a world apart, always so attractive … In short … take the camera, give my point of view and being able to express myself like this, satisfies me personally. I invite you to have a look, in my social media. Enjoy the ride. You are welcome.”