#0 – How I started my art career from ZERO

Another damn podcast? Yes. Even if it feels like everyone has a podcast nowadays, I still found myself able to wiggle in and find a topic that I thought was being underrepresented… The Art Business.

Yes, I know there are plenty of Art podcasts out there, but I found a lack when it comes to covering the business behind the art practice. That’s why I started the ARTIST STOP BEING POOR TALKS, a podcast where we talk with artists regarding the business side of their practice, trying to distill the tips and tricks that got these artists where they are today.

The goal of this podcast is for you to leave with a bunch of strategies you can apply to grow your own art career. In the first episode, the first of all of them, I decided to try something a little bit different, by Interviewing myself, to help give a little bit of context about my career and my work in the art world.

My goal with this is to show how I was able to start my art career without any previous experience in the art world, just pure hustle. Welcome on this journey into the minds of these amazing artists, I’m sure you’ll learn something useful.

Artist Stop Being Poor is an online community to help artists thrive. We are there for each other, sharing our tips and tricks as well as our success stories.

Artists from the community have access to a wide library of knowledge, resources, and templates. As well as a collective gallery, where they can sell their art as limited editions to a world-wide audience of art lovers.

Join our community – www.artiststopbeingpoor.club/join
Join our weekly live meetings – https://artiststopbeingpoor.club/art-world-qa

You can also find tips and advice on the art world on my Instagram www.instagram.com/stephan.vankuyk

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