Term & Contidions – Gallery ASBP

Welcome to the ARTIST STOP BEING POOR community. We aim to create tools to empower artists’ careers through promoting, producing and selling limited edition prints by emerging artists from across the globe.

By joining you’ll be part of an exciting community of artists.


Membership fees go towards the maintenance of ASBP as well as promotional efforts towards selling the prints. The monthly fees are managed by PATREON a platform for managing memberships.

The memberships can be canceled at any point, justs write to hi@artiststopbeingpoor.club


Artist members can upload artworks to be offered for sale as limited edition art prints. Each membership level allows for a specific number of artworks.

These artworks need to be in a 2:3 proportion and they will be available for purchase in the platform in three sizes: 20×30, 30×40 & 50×70.

All prints are limited to an edition of 30 copies, after that they will be marked as unavailable and another artwork by the artist will be uploaded.

All artworks are sold at the same 3 prices.

Print Pricing
*21×30 cm
*30×40 cm
*50×70 cm

Sell Price
Eur – 30
Eur – 35
Eur – 40

Eur – 8
Eur – 10
Eur – 12

Artist Profit
Eur – 22
Eur – 25
Eur – 28


Complete profits from the sale of artworks will be for the artists, once deducted the production costs.

Artists will be informed via email upon sales of artwork and will be paid over the following days over paypal.

Next Steps

Fill up this form with the artworks you wish to have for sale, remember what plan you signed up for so you know how many artworks to upload!

We have an exclusive website for artists to share their works, tips, and opportunities. Create a free profile and share some of your artworks and tell the community a little bit about yourself.

Our director, Stephan van Kuyk is very active on Instagram, usually sharing opportunities and tips for artists, really good content aimed to help artists to grow their career, reach out to him if you have any questions!