How to sell art online


The first book publication of Artist: stop being poor.
It comes as a step-by-step guide towards taking full power of online tools to promote your art career.

It includes:

  • +70 pages of strategies
  • List of my 15 favorite online galleries
  • Art inventory template.

Credit: @Berlin Art Dealer


Want to sell your art online, but don’t know where to start?


I’ve got some step-by-step tips that make it easy, even when you’re starting from ZERO.


Here’s a little of what I talk about on my book How to sell art online:


✔ Three steps you should take before uploading your art for sale – Inventory – Promotion – Storytelling

✔ The three strategies I currently use to sell my art online: Online Gallery – Print on Demand – Networked sale

✔ A list of 10 websites I use to sell my art online

✔ What to do after selling art – Shipping – Packing – Creating new art collectors – Keeping your fans up to your art news ?


Sounds interesting?