“In Chile, the word “”pololo”” means boyfriend. This word comes from the mapudungun “”piulliu”” which means fly, like the insect, and metaphorizes the groom around the bride, just like a fly around a fruit. At the same time there is a bug called with the same name, pololo.
The Chilean artist was born in Santiago. Since he was young, he was very close to insects, but specially to the pololo. Also, he has always been close to art during his life: he started drawing at a very young age, made urban art and is currently studying Architecture in Valparaiso, Chile. In 2019 he had his first approach to Digital Collage, creating his instagram page @pololocollage. His pieces of art are based on social critic, political content, nude and social media, but also just esthetic art. One characteristic of Pololo’s work is the presence of the bug in every piece, making it a challenge to find.”

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