Maria Azorin Photography

“Maria is a photographer based in Valencia (Spain).

Her true love story in photography started around 15 years ago. She defines what she does as creative photography.

She finds inspiration in the sky, in minimalism, nature, flora, fauna, in the details…they are themes where she feels she finds the soul of each thing and she’s realized when she evokes feelings when you see her works.

As time has passed, there are several solo projects in which she has immersed herself, highlighting , , , , , .

She also participates in collective exhibitions, in various locations in Spain as: Castellón, Valencia, Oliva, Huesca, Sevilla, Madrid, Zaragoza.

Outside Spain, her first time was in Berlin, at 2022 edition.

Besides that, with her works she also decorates rooms, as offices, departamets… Sometimes she creates details that companies or individuals give to others into special moments. Occasionally, she does reports on other artisans and their products too.”

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