Katarzyna Zarzycka

“Katarzyna Zarzycka was born in Kwidzyn, North of Poland where she lived for most of her life.
She had passion for drawing since very young age.
Only she gained professional art education when decided to move to Gdansk to study Artistic Education in the field of Fine Arts. At the Academy she was truly fascinated by painting and sculpture.
Zarzycka graduated with Bachelor’s degree. For diploma she chose Optical Arts as a subject.
At the Academy she gained deeper interest in arts, science and human mind.
After graduating Academy, decided to move to
London, where she saw bigger opportunities for career in arts.
Main themes in her art works are human figures, where put in a different situations are reference to population, society, human behavior and psychology.
Figures in her works can be demonic, surreal and seductive.
Often she is confronting different styles within abstract, surreal or pop art elements, similarly to eclecticism.
Zarzycka in her paintings uses vivid colors, thinly layering paint to shows how particular colors working together.
Her future plan is to open her own art gallery.
Zarzycka currently lives and works in London.”

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