Ayesha M.Ali

Ayesha M. Ali was born and raised in Lahore. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art at IVS in 2018 with double majors in Painting and new Media Art, with overall distinction in her thesis. As a valedictorian, Ali has received numerous awards, which includes Zahoor-ul-Akhlaq Award for Best Drawing Portfolio, Sher Asfandyar Khan Award for the academic excellence in Fine Art and Abu Shamim Areff award for the best research paper. She has recently displayed her works at 15th Emerging Talent Show at VM Art Gallery.
Currently she is working as a Wardrobe stylist for a feature film and is also working on a capsule collection for an editorial shoot. She is also working as a Co-founder and costume designer for her initiative “Cosmic Tribe” to raise awareness about Light Pollution. Through this project I have tried to reimagine an alter space, an almost hyper-real, maybe even near future state of fashion, a glimpse of what our dressing might look like fifty years from now.
Her art practice revolves around mix media, digital photo manipulations, 3d Renderings and Digital Painting. Ali’s work is pumped up with pop cultural satire and identity politics. She produces digital works that are charged with ideas of reality and fiction and creates this intermediate hyper-real world for the viewer. She switches between drawing, painting and digital camera works, an approach influenced by her styling practice. This allows her to effortlessly switch between manual and new mediums. By using the aesthetics of contemporary times and using camera as the basic lens to observe the culture and ‘projected-self, she explores the topic of female identity in connection with her childhood memories. Her practice aims to deconstruct, reimagine and reinvent how a gender gradient can be viewed, understood and visualized, which she does by integrating elements of exaggeration, drama and costumes to create an alternate truth.

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