Lucille Guder

Lucille is a self-taught artist.

She started to paint 1 year ago when the first lockdown hit Berlin. Women and flowers are her main inspiration. She paints women the way she sees them: curvy, colorful, extravagant, strong. With her art, she wants to empower women and bring joy.

Diane is a mix of acrylic paint and a collage of real dried flowers. I called this painting “Diane”, to refer to the “Prix de Diane” which is a horse race in France. During this event, the women are wearing crazy beautiful hats (there is even a price for the most impressive hat!) and I got inspired by them. I love this idea of being so extravagant that the hat has no limits, the hat is going even beyond the canvas. The hat is so big that it’s even hiding the woman’s face.

“I called this collage “Haute Couture” for 2 reasons: it’s made out of high fashion magazines only, but also because this woman has a long neck, so she is high in a way (Haute means high in French). Fun fact: the décolleté in the collage is taken from a picture of Monica Bellucci!”

I called it “Pointilleuse“, which means in French “Made out of dots” but also “Someone picky”. I am a very impatient person and I wanted to push my limits with this one (as you can imagine it took me many hours to finish it!).

Is it a flower bath or a flower pantie? As a bath lover, I had to make an art piece dedicated to bath love.

“Not everyone is an artist but everyone is a fucking critic.”

Marcel Duchamp