Cherish Springer

Cherish Springer is a painter and illustrator based in Boston, MA.

With an affinity for nautical themes, she strives to push away from the norm of picturesque scenes of ships and beaches. Instead, she seeks out new imagery of shipwrecks and tales of adventure to illustrate and bring to life. Working in acrylics, gouache, and epoxy resin, Cherish works to create papercut-esk images through the layering of media.

Icebox is a painting formed inside an antique key box. The key box features a door which swings open to reveal a 3D, multi layered resin painting. The painting itself is inspired by my recent study of arctic exploration. More often than not, ships like this would get stuck in icy floes and would sit immobilized for one or more winters. The men aboard passed the time with games, chores, and small land based exploration missions. Sometimes the ships would never move again. In these cases the ships had to be abandoned, and the crew would leave to seek help.

Fishery is the third in a series titled “Boat Island”. This series explores a theme of a watery nature reclaiming spaces that have been changed by shipwreck and human intervention. The reds represent the hot glow of sunlight on a dry surface, while the cooling greens lay beneath the surface of the water.

“Not everyone is an artist but everyone is a fucking critic.”

Marcel Duchamp