How to Sell Art Online

So, you want to build a successful art career online. But you don’t know where to begin, or even what the end goal looks like?
That’s ok! We’ve created this free class just for you, taking you through the whole process from start to finish.
It includes some great extra resources, including our community favorite – a list of The Best Places To Sell Art Online

Extra material

Supercharge your art career with these extra materials:

Art inventory template

A Guide: Best places to sell art online

Tools & Resource list

Do you want to take this a step further?

This class is a great summary if you just want to get your bearings.

But there’s nothing like going deeply into the topics, with the structure of a full programme and a community of talented artists around you, all focusing on the same goal.

That’s why we’ve developed the ARTIST STOP BEING POOR: BootCamp.

It’s a thorough, 6-week program that will help you grow your art career.

Over these 6 weeks, you’ll get to work on every area of your art practice:

– organizing your art
– identifying your target customers
– learning where they hang out
– how to create the best first impression with them to generate sales
– and how to turn them into long-term collectors 

You’ll work on all of these topics in detail with a cohort of other talented, ambitious artists.


Week 1

Visualize your
art career

Setting Goals
Big Picture

Week 2

Foundations of your
art career

Organizing your back office
Artist Statement
Artist Bio

Week 3

Communicating your
art career

Introducing yourself
Presenting your work
Introduction video

Week 4

Putting your art out there

How and Where to sell your art
Own website vs. 3rd party platforms

Week 5

Communicating your art

Promoting your art
Creating your own mailing list
Social media ads for artists

Week 6

Expanding your art career

Packing & Shipping
Long term relationships
Leveraging your success
Searching for partners
Working with galleries & Dealers

The Bootcamp will take place over 6 weeks – each week, you’ll focus on a specific topic, taking a video class covering that topic. We then host a weekly group call to discuss your progress in that week’s topic, giving each artist a chance to give and receive feedback.

After the 6 weeks, participating artists will have a chance to join ARTIST STOP BEING POOR, getting access to regular exhibitions and a special members-only online gallery for selling their art.

So, are you ready to build your art career?

6 Weeks
26 Videos
Weekly meetings
Artist Community


Join a community of artists from all over the globe. Learning together and exchanging tips on how to grow our art careers. ARTIST STOP BEING POOR is a club for artists, with weekly online get-togethers, group exhibitions, and an online art gallery where the members can sell their art, commission-free.