How to Sell Art Online

Looking to sell your art online?
Reaching art lovers from all over the globe?
Taking your career to the next level and becoming a full-time artist?

Then this class is for you!

Join Artist and Art Dealer Stephan van Kuyk on this exciting class, where he breaks down the process he uses to sell his artworks to collectors all across the globe, all of this from the comfort of his Berlin studio.



This is the first phase, creating a solid foundation for your art business.

Defining & Organizing
your art product
Presenting your
art product
Marketing your
art product


Establishing the right process to connect your art to art lovers across the globe.

Existing online
art galleries.
Print on demand
Sell directly to
your audience


Keeping in touch with buyers and transforming them into long-term collectors.

Dealing with
Packing & Shipping 
Cultivating long-term
Educating and expanding
your audience


Extra material

Art inventory template
Best places to sell art online
Tools & Resource list

This web-class will guide you towards creating your own art business while establishing your art as the center product. Helping you better showcase and promote your artworks and connect with art lovers from all over the world.

Video Class +

Extra Material ebook


Join a community of artists from all over the globe. Learning together and exchanging tips on how to grow our art careers. ARTIST STOP BEING POOR is a club for artists, with weekly online get-togethers, group exhibitions, and an online art gallery where the members can sell their art, commission-free.