#16 – Sander Vos – Dune



Sander Vos

London, England Instagram


Sander is a young Dutch photographer and has been working in the UK and abroad as an Art Director for a range of advertising agencies over the last 8 years, creating international campaigns and award-winning work for a wide array of brands such as Google, Facebook and Volvo amongst others. He developed an eye for Art and Design from an early age. His passion for photography grew gradually through creative experimentation and working in advertising. Sander’s photography often contains an element of mystery/surrealism and consists of an interplay between shadows and close-ups, aiming to capture an unmanicured beauty. By deducing his images to their graphic essence, he aims to veil as much as to reveal, leaving a gap for the viewer to fill in. A continuing dedication to photography has resulted in international recognition this year. Sander became a Finalist of the AOP Emerging Talent award and received an Honorable Mention by the IPA One Shot: Movement Award. In these unusual times he is also proud to be featured in isolate zine, a lockdown themed magazine that features work from a community of 100 photographers with works created during the lockdown.