#99 – Sophie Lazari – Guerilla Survival



Sophie Lazar

Berlin, Germany – Instagram 


Guerilla Survival The illustration shows the reality of people living in extreme situations of violence, war or poverty. Those few western people who live their “best life” profit from all those who loose their homes, families and lives in a capitalist system. The message of the artwork is to rethink privileges and start acting to facilitate life in countries of the global south.



Sophie Lazari, a South Tyrolean born in Bologna, studied Visual Communication at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK) since 2017. She spent most of her previous studies under Henning Wagenbreth’s illustration class and Fons Hickmanns graphic class. Her works deal with questions and issues surrounding diversity and social and historical events in a critical, ironic and visionary manner. She also works as a tattoo artist, illustrator, graphic designer and project coordinator of art exhibitions.