Law enforcement officers resist the rebel people

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We are gray on gray, corruption, violence, repression, injustice, we are that cloud of indifference that hides the sun, we are that rod that strikes, we are what we take care of.
The photograph was taken at a social demonstration, citizens demand the dissolution of the Peruvian Congress for the bad acts of the congressmen, they were linked to acts of corruption. Finally, on September 30, 2019, President Martín Vizcarra dissolves congress with the support of citizenship.

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Fuerzas del orden resisten ante un pueblo rebelde
Law enforcement officers resist the rebel people

For many they are heroes, for others only armed citizens, defending a system to which they do not want to belong, educated to maintain order but will attack the people that they once swore to defend. Rebellion speaks and actions demand.
The photograph was taken at a student demonstration, thousands of students took to the streets to raise their voices of protest against a law enacted in the Congress of the Republic of Peru called “youth slavery”

Oscar Mancilla is a Peruvian photographer who’s interested in art started a very young age. At 16 years old he started a photography course in his hometown. Self-taught from then on, he defines his work as experimental, a chance to question the reality and translate ideas through his lens.

Coming from a small neighborhood, he lived with deficiencies and needs, characteristics in himself that caused an increased interest in society. Choosing a career in a subject which he holds a grave passion for. One that does not feel like a job but a lifestyle, that begins and holds no end. His awareness and attitude towards life developed with growth, Oscar was able to cultivate an eye of critique, regarding the transmission of messages.”

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