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A community that builds better creative businesses.

We help artists grow their careers thru
education, networking and community events.

Sustaining a creative business is much more than simply painting, drawing or taking photos. Nurturing a thriving art career requires strategizing, setting goals and a clear business plan.

We help creatives develop a profitable business out of their art practice.

Empowering Artists.

We believe in creating tools to empower artists’ careers, obtaining greater visibility and doing what they love.

Artists Stop Being Poor was created as a way of sharing his unique insights into the art world, all aimed at driving artists to a thriving practice.


A space for artists to showcase and sell their
works as limited edition prints.
Artists and collectors from across the world. Connected.


Opportunities for artists to collaborate and create
collective exhibitions to sell their works and bring visibility to their art.


Content taylor made for artists looking to grow their career.
Videos, texts and workshops to help artists thrive.


Artists from across the world connecting with each others,
sharing knowledge, tips and success stories.