How to Sell Art Online

Making money from your art is a lot easier than you think.
There are art lovers all over the globe who want to buy what you’re making.
But how do you find them?
And when you find them, how do you sell to them?
And how do you turn this into a full-time art career?
If you want the answers to these questions,
then this class is for you!


Join Artist and Art Dealer Stephan van Kuyk as he walks through, step-by-step, the process he uses to sell his artworks to collectors all around the world from the comfort of his Berlin studio.

The class is split into 3 stages:


Create a solid foundation for your art business

Learn how to define & organize your art product

Discover proven ways to present yourself and build commercial appeal

Unlock the power of marketing & social media. 


Connect your art to art lovers across the globe.

Learn how to find existing online galleries ready for your work.

Discover how to use Print on Demand platforms effectively 

Become an expert in direct sales.


Build relationships with buyers and transform them into long-term collectors.

Understand Packing & Shipping to avoid common pitfalls and make more profit

Learn how to cultivate long-term relationships. 

Find out how to educate and expand your audience


Extra material

Art inventory template
Best places to sell art online
Tools & Resource list

This web class will help you create your own profitable art business while making your art the center product.

By signing up, you’re joining a community of successful artists from all over the globe. You’ll learn together and exchange tips on how to grow your art careers.

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Extra Material ebook


ARTIST STOP BEING POOR is a club for artists, with weekly online get-togethers, group exhibitions, and an online art gallery where the members can sell their art, commission-free.