six weeks to change your art career.

Starts JAN 27

Ready to take your art career to the next level?
Let’s team up, empower each other, and develop the workflow for the post-2020 artist!

If this rollercoaster of a year showed us anything is the fragility of the traditional art-business.
A lot of creatives are still managing their practice like a 16th-century renaissance painter.

Limited to 30 artists.

27 slots available.

Week 1

Visualize your art career

Introductions / Setting Goals / Big Picture

The first week of the Bootcamp is all about analyzing your art career. Even if you are just starting and want to become a professional artists, or if you’ve been doing it for a while and want to improve your art practice.

We’ll go over setting clear goals to your art career and creating a pathway to achieve them!

You’ll also learn how to connect with artists from all over the world and all the activities available for members of ARTIST STOP BEING POOR.

Welcome to the Bootcamp!
5 Essential Pieces Advice For Any Aspiring Artist
Find your artist voice
How to connect with ARTIST STOP BIENG POOR
Goal setting sheet

Week 2

Foundations of your art career

Organizing your back office / Inventory / Artist Statement / Artist Bio

To build a solid art career, we need to have a solid foundation to build upon. This week we’ll go over how to organize the ‘office’ side of your art career. By far not the most glamorous side of your career, but having this taken care of, helps you better focus on creating and promoting your art.

By the end of the week you’ll have prepared all the templates and databases you’ll need to take over the art world.

Organizing your art business
Preparing your art inventory
Artist Bio, Artist Statement & Press kit
Art Inventory Template
Certificate of Authenticity Template
Week 3

Introducing yourself

Documenting your art / Presenting your work / Introduction video

Once you’ve taken care of the office side of your practice it’s time to introduce yourself and your art to the world.

This is not about being spammy, it’s about finding your own voice to talk about your art, communicating clearly to your audience.

Introducing yourself as an artist
How to photograph your art
Creating an introduction video
Showcasing your art
Finding an audience for your art
Buyer persona
Example introduction video
5 online tools for artists
Buyer persona template
Week 4

Communicating your art

Promoting your art / Creating your own mailing list / Social media for artists

This week is all about sharing your art with the world. Developing the right communications channels with your audience. Keeping them regularly informed about your art practice, upcoming exhibitions, and new artworks available for sale.

We’ll also cover strategies to reach more people with your art.

Social Media for artists
Creating a newsletter for your art practice
Reaching new people with your art
30 Social media ideas for artists
List of Art magazine
Email reachout template
Week 5

Putting your art out there

/ How and Where to sell your art / Own website vs. 3rd party platforms

Now it’s time to put your art for sale. We’ll analyze the existing alternatives and find the best strategies to fit your art practice. Be it using existing platforms or developing your own website and sell it yourself!

Pricing your art
10 Ways to make money with your art
Using print on demand to create art products
Sell your art on online galleries
Building your own artist website
Packing & Shipping your art
Artist website checklist
10 Places to sell Original art
10 different ways to sell your art
10 places to sell prints of your art
Week 6

Expanding your art career

Long term relationships / Leveraging your success / Searching for partners / Working with galleries & Dealers

On the final week of our Bootcamp, we’re gonna look into the future and how to leverage what we learned over the last six weeks into growing your art career long term by establishing new professional partnerships, art exhibitions, and relationships with galleries and curators.

Long term relationships with art collectors
Art ideas for business partnerships
How to find an gallery representation
Running your own art career
10 Things to avoid when working with an art gallery
3 steps to find gallery representation

Bootcamp Format

This is how the Bootcamp works, working extra hard for a short period to achieve amazing goals for your art career. Over six weeks you’ll have different tasks and homework to be done, so make sure to have one hour a day to invest in your art. On a weekly basis, we catch up on a video call to answer all of your questions and get feedback from our peers.

Video Classes

Each week you’ll be sent 2 video classes covering the week’s topics. These classes will guide you step-by-step on the tasks required to grow your art career.

Weekly video call

A weekly get together to go over all the questions that you might have, as well as getting feedback on your task from the artist network.

Artist community

Having a community of artists around you is one of the best ways to grow your practice. Connecting with other artists allows you to share opportunities, strategies, and success stories.

Your Teacher

Stephan van Kuyk is an artist and art dealer. From very early in his career he noticed the importance of bringing new ideas into the art world. That made him start organizing his own art exhibitions, then open an art magazine, then an art gallery, then move to Berlin, exhibit hundreds of artists and sell their work worldwide.

Insightful Guests

Every week exclusive get-together with unique guests from the art world.

Valuable insight from artists, curators, art dealers, business leaders and so much more.

Join today!

Take part in the 6-week program developed to help you grow your art career. Get access to the video classes, extra materials, and artist network.

Participating artists can also join the ARTIST STOP BEIN POOR club, gaining access to exhibitions, opportunities, and selling their art in our gallery.

6 Weeks
10 Videos
Weekly meetings
Artist Community