Artist Run Gallery

Artist Run Gallery.

Welcome to the artist-run gallery of Artist Stop Being Poor, this is where the artists upload and show their work.

It’s a collaborative effort to show and sell art work!

maja - maja klemencic

Maja Klemencic
Painter – Slovenia

When I was 7 years old , I remember , we went in kindergarten to a gallery. I think it was just by the way that we stopped and somehow I clearly remember I saw a picture in the gallery , which was impressionistic. It was a man spreading seeds around the field and pastures of flowers around. I remember I was so impressed , this picture left me out of breath. At the weekend I remember begging my mother to give me colours , water colours so I could draw. At first she didn’t listen but I was very persistent. I made a picture which was impressionistic with flowers , impressionistic blossoming fields.

I have been an artist all my life. In elementary school , when it was time to enrol to high school I will never forget the hurt , when I had to listen to my father when he applied me to the high school of tourism. I remember sitting next to my best school mate as she said she was going to the high school of art and design. The feeling was really huge sadness since I wanted that as well.

For 10 years ,before all the selling and recognisitions I was developing art , skills ,drawing , painting.

20200221_123015 - Jovana Lakovic

Jovana Lakovic
Mixed media – Belgrade

Jovana Lakovic, a Visual Artist from Serbia, Belgrade.She graduated from the University of Arts, Faculty of Applied Arts in Serbia, Belgrade with an MA in Graphic Design and Visual Communication she have a degree in Outside Project Certificate and attended the Center for International Studies of Art SACI, Florence, Italy. In the past 10 years she have committed her life to exploring new concepts in design as well as in visual communications.

After many years of practice she started to move my boundaries into minimalistic style, because she believe that with less words and icons actually we say more. She has a lot of experience in conceptual art which begin in 2006. Main topic in her work is LOVE in all kind of aspects and dealing with raw emotions which nowadays are as she would say “Put On Silence”.

umbra - Érika Vásquez

Umbra Photo
Photographer – Madrid

Erika Vázquez was born in 1984 in the city of Caracas, Venezuela.
There he spent his youth and studied Philosophy at the Central University of Venezuela.

With passion always for the world of photography I study in a self-taught way, until in 2000 she arrived at Roberto Mata’s Photography workshop in Caracas where he specialized in Photodocumentalism and began with greater strength his specialization in the medium, later he studied at the University from Havana in Cuba a master in Audiovisual Production.

Each trip, each improvement in the area represents a new opportunity to know and be renewing what has been learned, as well as being in contact with other cultures, people and records

Erika describes her work in this way: “Photography is not just a profession, it is a healing and liberating exercise, where I do not mind exposing the deepest feelings, recording what happens around me transforms me and permanently changes my gaze towards things”.

Andres Bonino
Painter & Photographer – Montevideo

His influence and inspiration are based on the modern architecture of the 30s and 50s, and contemporary architecture.

In painting he finds his bases in abstract expressionism, and is based on the abstraction of architectural structures. Spaces or pieces, such as planes or facades, are analyzed in their basic structures and then captured in the canvas.

His photography captures works and details of modern and contemporary architecture.ages through the layering of media.

Springer_Fishery - Cherish Springer

Cherish Springer
Painter- Boston

Cherish Springer is a painter and illustrator based in Boston, MA. With an affinity for nautical themes, she strives to push away from the norm of picturesque scenes of ships and beaches. Instead, she seeks out new imagery of shipwrecks and tales of adventure to illustrate and bring to life. Working in acrylics, gouache, and epoxy resin, Cherish works to create papercut-esk images through the layering of media.

ecbf981a-d5c3-49fd-8d69-b723d8eb3388 - Valeria Real

Valeria Real
Photographer – Madrid

Valeria Real is a young and audiovisual artist from Patagonia, Argentina, who combines her passion for photography and innovation, generating spaces where her concept expands and comes alive, giving an opportunity for people to interact with her work beyond the visual. She puts a spotlight on the emotion and sensation transmitted by the captured images, mixing her interpretation with those who experience her photographic and artistic works.


Anton Strandgren
Painter – Upsala

Anton is a self taught artist working primarily with acrylics and charcoal. He usually creates what he calls “emotional memories”, that is, paintings representing feelings from the past. He sees his work as a visual journal and doesnt mind what many call “negative” emotions, instead he tries to portray those scary, unmanageable and painful feelings to be able to accept them as a part of life.


CMO Photo.
Photographer – Amsterdam

In 1995 Christian got in touch with photography. He did a 12-month internship at a renowned photography model agency in Berlin working with Ali Kepenek. Christian offers photography shootings for fashion brands and events. His own work covers landscape and portrait.


Simon Findlay.
Painter – Berlin

Simon Findlay blends performance and painting by using a broom to create powerful strokes on large canvas. His artistic process is linked with his physical/mental health, which is supported by consistently painting a large work every month.

Mixed Media – Berlin

The artist has taken these self portraits to search for the woman inside, the women reflected in the mirror.
 Art is a healing remedy for the heart and soul. She hopes you reflect on the other side of her mirror, then Vava art has a meaning above the esthetics.
Mauro Bersanker

Mauro Bersanker
Mixed Media – Berlin

His images have been exhibited in galleries and embassies around the world. First Prize in the call “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Argentina” by the Culture Ministry of Argentina. Selected to represent Argentina at the Argentine Republic Consulate in Barcelona. His photographs have been published by international media

Stephan van Kuyk.
Mixed media – Berlin

Teko van Kuyk’s works deal with his latent Latin influences. He was born in Switzerland and after a short time living in New Zealand, he went to live in Latin America, first for 15 years in Brazil and then 9 in Argentina, where he began to invest strongly in his art career. Over the span of 6 years, he took part in more than 60 group shows and 5 solo shows.


Alena Kononova
Painter – USA

I see a lot of beautiful things around me and I want to learn how can I capture all of it by hands. I get inspired by many talented artists and mostly by their lives. Strong interest by art I started to notice about 4 years ago since then I draw little by little. Little by little only because I’m afraid to make mistakes thats why I draw not that often. I tend to idealize everything and this is my main block. As the time goes by I get to know myself and the world around me better. My addiction by color grows faster and faster and I love to be in paint more often. Mixing those colors and dive inside them becomes my passion.

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